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Côtes du Rhône

The Rhône River is one of the most important “wine rivers” in the world. From its source in the Swiss Alps to its delta in the Mediterranean Sea, this great river borders several very diverse wine-growing regions, such as the Swiss Valais, famous for its Fendant du Valais; the French Savoie, which produces light sparkling wines in Seyssel; and, much further south, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, notable for its powerful, full-bodied reds.

However, when we speak of The Rhône Valley (Vallée du Rhône) or Slopes of the Rhône (Côtes du Rhône) referring to its most famous French part, which starts north in Vienne, and ends to the south, near Avignon.

Everything indicates that it was the Romans who introduced viticulture to the region around the 1st century BC. In his Natural History (71 AD), the famous Roman writer Pliny already refers to and even praises the wines produced near Vienne. Today, the Rhône Valley is the second largest fine wine producing vineyard in France, second only to Bordeaux.

A region of great contrasts, the Valley is usually divided into two parts that have different climates, soils, terroirs and grape varieties: the Northern Rhône Valley and the Southern Rhône Valley