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The north-east of Italy owes less to tradition and more to modern development than the rest of the country. Even so the origins of the wine there date back to antiquity, when the Etruscans dominated the region and practiced agriculture and cultivation of the vineyard, around 600 years A.C. Its later history is similar to many other Italian regions: great development with Roman domination, almost destruction of wine activity with the invasion of barbarians and resumed in the medieval era.

In Vetoean, this renaissance took place around the year 1,000, under the protection of the Most Holy Republic of Venezia. The altitudes range from the very high, near the Alps, to the plains that border the Adriatic Sea, and the terrain is normally undulating. Many lakes, such as garda, are found in its area, in addition to rivers, such as Pó and Piave, providing great agricultural development. The climate is continental, inland, and mediterranean-influenced, in the regions close to the sea and lake Garda.