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Signal Hill holds a place in collective history, from Cape Town to Kowloon, from California to Newfoundland. It is where ships were given safe passage to the ports and where fires were lit to signal between villages.

It is where the world’s first transatlantic wireless signal was received in Morse code and the site of the first non-stop transatlantic flight carrying airmail. It is these historical embodiments of connection and communication that inspire the creation of this whiskey.

Their logo is inspired by an ancient Nordic symbol, where the three interconnected triangles have a great deal of meaning and are often linked to different trinities. It connects the three most vital parts of your whisky: the grains, the water, and the casks.

Signal Hill is at the heart of this trinity, which will forever remain a symbol of the human spirit’s desire for connection.

Signal Hill

Signal Hill Whisky is made from two types of grains.

Corn whiskey is double-distilled through a two-column still to produce a light, smooth characteristic, and barley whiskey is pot-distilled to bring out a subtle bread, nutty or malty flavor.

Multiple layers of flavor are preserved through uncooled filtration, resulting in a fuller mouthfeel and smoother finish.

Aged in new white oak barrels for the vanilla, caramel and toffee notes; in Bourbon barrels for raisin and prune flavors, and finally in Canadian whiskey barrels to highlight the grain characteristics.

The variable Canadian climate adds personality to the whisky, allowing slower flavor extraction from the barrels to create a sweet, smooth flavor.